Value System

The seven Volkswagen Group Essentials are the foundation of the group’s values and the basis of our common corporate culture:

I. Responsibility

We are part of society. We take on social responsibility. We pay attention to the environmental compatibility of our products and processes, and improve them, every day.

II. Honesty

We do the right thing out of inner conviction, even if no one is watching. We are not afraid of hierarchies and say openly what we think. We listen to one another and find the best solution together.

III. Bravery

We are bold. Innovative. Inventors. Movers. We let go and think afresh. 
We shape the mobility of tomorrow.

IV. Diversity

We are multicolored. Different. Unique. Part of the greater whole. We are open to other ways of thinking, to new experiences and solutions. We approach one another with respect, as equals.

V. Pride

We stand for sustainable products and quality. We make an important contribution to the company’s success, with passion, with conviction, effectively. We are proud of what we do and how we do it.

VI. Solidarity

We work together, without hesitation or complications, worldwide. We are bridge builders not gatekeepers. Together unbeatable. We stand united, we are a team.

VII. Reliability

We can be counted on. We do what we say and say what we do, candidly, honestly. We keep our promises. We regain lost trust.

The Volkswagen Group Essentials are a promise to our customers, shareholders, business partners and ourselves: They describe what the group stands for in all brands, companies and countries. What WE stand for.

The Volkswagen Group Essentials provide orientation for the daily value-oriented actions of all employees.

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